How Can Gravity Scan Help You Secure Your Website From Hackers?

It’s not always clear if your website’s got any security issues.

Worse still hackers could have compromised it and you may not even know.

Luckily the people behind the Wordfence plugin have come up trumps.

They’ve recently launched a couple of new services which will help keep hackers on their toes.

Gravity Scan

Gravity Scan is a free malware and vulnerability scanner.

You can type in your website address and goes to work checking for any issues.

Vulnerability Scan

Is your website vulnerable to hackers?

The Vulnerability Scan looks for weak spots in your set up.

In particular it scans your operating system, web technologies and content management systems.

If there’s a gaping hole in your website’s defences, this scan will tell you.

Malware Scan

Malware is on the rise but it’s hard to determine if your website’s compromised.

The Malware Scan searches your website for:

  • defacement;
  • seo spam;
  • malicious redirects, and;
  • phishing pages.

Back Door Scan

Has a hacker taken control of your site before?

Then they may have left you an unwelcome present.

Often hackers will leave behind code so they can still access your site.

Of course they’ve only got malicious intensions.

So the Back Door Scan checks your site over to make sure there’s no known back door files present.

Gravity Scan

Blacklist Check

One place you don’t want to find your site is on a blacklist.

There are various ones covering search engine, spam and malicious site blacklists.

Being on one of those lists can impact on your SEO rankings, site traffic and email delivery.

Gravity Scan checks over 20 different blacklists each time you run a scan.

Your aim is to stay off those blacklists!

Content Safety

Linking out to other websites is common practice on the web.

But what if one of those sites you’ve linked to goes rogue and gets taken over by some unsavoury types.

It’d be almost impossible to check your outbound links yourself.

Lucky that Gravity Scan does it for you then, huh?

It checks you’re not linked to anything that might harm your SEO rankings or get you blacklisted.

What’s In The Pro Upgrade?

For $10 per month, the pro upgrade gives you:

  • daily scheduled scans;
  • event-based email or text alerts;
  • faster scans;
  • up to 1 year of historical scan data;
  • access to support.

Site Security Audit Service

Wordfence also recently introduced their Site Security Audit Service.

One of their experienced security analysts look over your site to ensure it’s secure.

They perform a comprehensive 59-point inspection and afterwards they will produce a report.

The report gives detailed recommendations for improving your website’s security.

The Site Security Audit Service costs $149 and includes a Wordfence Premium license.

The analyst will also ensure your Wordfence configuration is optimal.

They will make amendments to your malware scanning and firewall set up if required.

Once the audit is complete, it’s guaranteed for 90 days.

If in the unfortunate event your site gets hacked in that time, Wordfence will clean your site for free.

What Do You Think Of These Services?

Have you tried out the free Gravity Scan yet?

Were you happy with the results or did it find something you need to sort out?

Would you use the Site Security Audit Service to tighten up any holes in your website’s defences?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

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