What Do You Do When Your Kids Get Bored?

It’s day three of returning to normal after the holidays.

The kids have gone back to school, my wife’s at work and I’m gradually turning the house back into a house.

Over the past three weeks we’ve had lots of family time together but every now and again the kids still got bored.

I mean, it’s not like they just had Christmas or anything and didn’t get anything new and exciting to play with.

But is it up to us as parents to always come to their rescue and lower the boredom level down to zero?

Find Them Something To Do?

Being at home all day every day, I spend most of my time with the kids when they’re not at school.

I’m forever playing games with them, reading, drawing or just watching TV with them.

And when I’m not playing with them, I end up finding them something else to do when they get bored.

It’s a vicious circle that just keeps going round and round until the boredom level rises again.

I know as they get older it should even itself out and they’ll do their own thing.

But I still breathe a restful sigh of relief when they’ve gone to bed.

Take Them Out Somewhere

Taking the kids out on trips during the holidays can be a gamble because then they expect to do it more often.

Or they just can’t agree where they want to go or what they want to do and then we’re back to square one.

One doesn’t want to walk far whereas the other wants to get some fresh air and walk for miles.

Day trips can quickly drain the bank of mum and dad if you’re not careful too.

Cinema, soft play, the zoo, the aquarium to name but a few.

Thank goodness for anywhere that has free entry and doesn’t require cold hard cash!

See If You Can Get Them A Play Date?

Play dates are an inviting concept.

You get some part of the day off without one or both of your children whilst someone else looks after them.

But then of course you have to reciprocate and having even more children in the house to get bored isn’t so inviting.

Then comes the next step up – the dreaded sleepover.

My son has already been on a couple of sleepovers and we need to have them back. That’s Easter taken up then.

Trouble is with us not keeping up with the Jones’ we only have enough bedrooms to fit our family in.

There’s always the garden shed I suppose.

Leave Them To Get On With It?

When I was a kid we lived in the middle of nowhere and if you were bored you just had to get on with it.

I learned pretty quickly that the only person who was going to keep me from getting bored was me.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing because my imagination kicked in and boredom was lessened somewhat.

It also taught me to be happy in my own company and to be less dependent on others.

Sometimes with my own kids I don’t always want to be at their beckon call 24-7.

Perhaps a little more of leaving them to get on with it wouldn’t hurt one bit?


Rely On Help From Relatives

If you can, do you rely on help from relatives to take your kids off your hands and relieve their boredom for a while?

In all honesty, I wish we could but my family are few hours away in England and my wife’s family are over the sea in Ireland.

I suspect we will eventually move at least a few hours closer to my family but they still won’t be on the doorstep.

My parents come up regularly and are really helpful at taking the kids out and about when they’re here.

With both mine and my wife’s family scattered all over the place though it’s hard to meet up with everyone very often.

My wife and I have moved around the country quite a lot and now I have young kids I envy people who have their family around them!

What Do You Do When Your Kids Are Bored?

Do you let them get on with it or find something for them to do? Maybe you take them out or drop them off at a relative’s house for a while?

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