How Long Could You Survive Without A Washing Machine?

Since we started living in accommodation provided by my wife’s employer we’ve not owned our own washing machine.

But relying on them to provide one, service it and fix it when it goes wrong has proven to be almost impossible.

And lately it was breaking down more than it was working.

Enough was enough!

It’s Complicated

Any appliance that we get provided as part of our accommodation is repaired by someone from my wife’s work.

The guy that does it is good at patching things up but he’s not from the manufacturer.

So when things go wrong we have to wait from him to come round and sort things out.

And he can’t always.

This time he was on holiday.

So we would have had to wait 11 days without a washing machine.

Washing was piling up around us and with two young kids it seemed to grow rapidly.

We asked if there was another one available but were told to go to another place on the school site to wash our stuff.

And that would be until our broken machine could be repaired.

If it could be repaired.

Visiting Friends

The added complication was that we were going down to Cumbria to visit friends.

We needed to get all our clothes washed, dried and ironed before we went away.

It was lucky that there was a washing machine close to my wife’s office which meant we could get some done.

However it was impractical to do it all there as it meant trawling back and forth several times a day.

After feeling completely disrespected by my wife’s employer we decided our only option was to buy our own.

As part of our accommodation agreement the school should provide a washing machine but we couldn’t wait for them any longer.

So I looked online for a new one and stuck it on the credit card.

The delivery timescale was a bit tight being the day that we were due to go on holiday.

We weren’t leaving until lunch time that day though so I paid extra to get it delivered in a morning timeslot.



A strange set of circumstances happened on delivery day.

The delivery truck had two people coming to haul it into the house and install the washing machine.

For whatever reason when the truck was stopped at a red light, the driver jumped out and got on a bus.

That left only left one guy to do everything by himself.

But when he got here and opened up the box the machine was completely smashed up.

So we had to go on holiday without it being delivered and installed.

I got in touch with the place we’d bought it from on Twitter.

After a few Tweets back and forth they confirmed they would deliver again on the afternoon of the day we returned from holiday.

I was hoping we would be back on time and everything would go smoothly.

It Wasn’t Meant To Be

We got back from Cumbria with plenty of time to spare.

The delivery of the new washing machine was due to arrive between 1pm and 5pm.

The driver rang to say they’d be with us within half an hour and nervous anticipation started to grow.

And then when they reached us they phoned and said they couldn’t deliver.

Apparently the traffic was too heavy and there was nowhere to park.

They’d try to get someone to deliver the following day in a van.

I went into a mild panic mode.

My wife stayed calm thankfully and spoke to the customer service department.

They told the driver in no uncertain terms to turn around and head back straight away.

Phew. That was lucky.

We waited another half an hour and finally they came and delivered and installed it.

After 15 days without one, I felt like hugging this great white machine.

Would You Miss Your Washing Machine?

How long could you survive without one?

Would you hand wash everything or go to a launderette?

Maybe you don’t have a washing machine at all?

Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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