The Updated Hemingway App Can Make You A Better Writer

Last week my favourite writing tool got updated.

That’s right. The Hemingway app got a complete rewrite and now we’re up to version 3.

If you’ve not heard of it, Hemingway is a text editor that allows you to write without distraction.

But it’s much more than that.

It helps you to simplify your writing so it becomes much bolder and clearer.

It does that by highlighting wordy sentences in yellow and red depending on how hard they are to read.

It points out adverbs, use of the passive voice and complicated words and phrases.

It also gives you a possible solution or alternatives you can use.

So what’s new in version 3?

Publish To WordPress Or Medium

With the previous version of Hemingway I used to write in the editor, then copy and paste into WordPress.

It wasn’t too much of a hassle but it felt a little cumbersome at times.

In the new version of the app you can now save a draft or publish straight to WordPress or Medium.

You could write all your articles in Hemingway and publish them without ever leaving the app.

Send Highlighted PDFs

You can now export your writing with Hemingway’s editing highlights included.

It’s not something I’d use at this stage.

If you’re editing someone else’s writing it could be useful though.

You could point out any improvements they need to make.

Distraction Free Writing And Editing

I love that Hemingway is distraction free for writing.

Sure, WordPress has such an option built in.

But if I’m in WordPress I find I’m still distracted by the need to tinker.

Whether that be updating a plugin to checking on stats, or sorting out my editorial calendar.

By writing outside of WordPress I can concentrate on the writing.

With this release the writing and editing experience are both distraction free.

So you can hide everything except your text.

You can toggle the sidebar on and off if you want to see more detail in the editing mode.

Then you can see the highlights for wordy sentences, adverbs, complex words, and passive voice.

Other Things New To Version 3

There a few other new things in version 3 of the Hemingway app.

In the previous version you could only have one document open at once. Now you can have many documents open.

You can import text from HTML and markdown documents.

There are also many bug fixes. I’m glad to see that the bug I often saw has gone.

That was when the text and highlights got split up and you couldn’t read anything.

It was annoying and now it’s gone!

Have You Tried The New Hemingway App Yet?

The Hemingway desktop app is only $19.99. I got on board on version 1 and have had free updates since then.

How about you? Do you use the Hemingway app? Have you tried the new version and what do you think?

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