The UK General Election Gave Me Hope For Scotland

Whilst the recent UK General Election brought chaos and instability to the UK as a whole, it gave me hope for Scotland.

I know that the idea of Scotland breaking away from the rest of the UK is a hope for many.

It’s not an ideal that I share with them.

In the same way that I don’t share the views of the people who want Brexit either.

But with Brexit almost inevitable, I’d rather be out of the EU and keep Scotland in the UK than any other alternative.

A Patchwork Of Encouragement

2017 General Election Results Scotland
2017 General Election Results Scotland

Elections In Scotland 2017

It was encouraging to see that the SNP were pushed back significantly from their position in 2015.

I’m sure there was some tactical voting involved and I applaud those who succeeded to remove the SNP incumbents in their constituencies.

It makes it less likely there will be another independence referendum any time soon.

Consequently, I feel much more relaxed about staying in Scotland for the short to medium term.

Although I don’t think my family’s destiny is to remain here; particularly if this momentum to stay with the UK isn’t sustained.

The Icing On The Cake

I woke up at 4am on the morning after the election.

I was restless and worried about how things might be turning out.

It was a huge surprise that the exit poll predicted a hung parliament.

But the icing on the cake came along shortly after I turned on the TV and Alex Salmond lost his seat.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Alex Salmond


And then when Angus Robertson also got the boot, it was like 10 Christmases all came Christmases at once.

That must have put the SNP leadership into meltdown.

The SNP Reaction

So far, Nicola Sturgeon suggests that she’s reflected on the result and has taken the independence referendum demand off the table.

For now…

But it seems she still wants to have one before 2021 so it’s still hanging around like a bad smell.

If we can hold her off until at least the next Scottish Parliamentary election, it might be possible to remove the SNP out of the equation.

Based on the UK general election result, the SNP are in decline and that’s all down to their misjudged push for independence.

Sending them another message on 6 May 2021 should be the final nail in the coffin for the SNP’s referendum demand.

Tactical Voting

I’m sure there was a fair amount of tactical voting going on in Scotland this time around.

And it worked very successfully!

I tried that once before and it didn’t work because it wasn’t the right time to bloody the SNP’s nose.

I didn’t care much for either of the two main parties this time around; Labour or the Conservatives.

I can’t abide Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn


I dislike him a little less than Nicola Sturgeon but there’s not much in it.

I would need Labour to get rid of Mr Corbyn if they ever want my vote.

I quite like Ruth Davidson though so the Conservatives got my vote this time around.

She made up for the woeful performance of Theresa May!

There are things that concern me about many of the Conservative’s policies but some of Labour’s concerned me even more.

I know it should be about your local MP but in reality for me it doesn’t in the current political situation in Scotland.

What Were Your Thoughts ABout The 2017 UK General Election?

Were you as surprised as me at the result?

Do you think that Theresa May can survive?

Are we eventually in for a Jeremy Corbyn government possibly with SNP support?

Or is the SNP’s time finally up?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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