Time Waits For No Man

It’s been over four years since I gave up work to look after the kids.

Now that they’re both in school full time, I’m often asked what my plans are going forward.

The inference being that I should be returning to work without delay.

Perhaps being a stay at home dad still isn’t that common.


To my surprise I was asked by another parent the other day how my new job was going.

Looking rather puzzled, I replied that I’m still doing the house husband thing and asked where I’m now supposed to be working.
She responded in a hushed tone as if it were something I wouldn’t want other people to hear.

Apparently I have been moonlighting in my local supermarket as a shop assistant.

I do visit Tesco’s quite regularly and use the scan as you shop facility.

I wander around the shop with my wireless headphones on listening to Spotify.

Maybe I could have been mistaken as an employee?

Is It Time To Get Back On The Horse?

I’ve been thinking about my future self and what I may end up doing in the long term.

I hadn’t anticipated I’d end up filling supermarket shelves but you never know.

Being at home, you become used to your own company and that you can do things when and how you want.

I wonder if I’ve become too used to that.

My former employer has asked me to go back to work for them but I feel like my previous life in the pensions world is behind me.

Circumstances with my wife’s job also mean that it would prove difficult for me to take on a full time job at present.

Even a part time job would be tricky. So for now I’m compelled to continue as a stay at home dad.

Gazing Into My Crystal Ball

In a little over two years time, my daughter will go into her fourth year at school.

At that point, both my kids will be able to stay later at school which would give me more scope to work around the school runs.

I’ve been considering retraining for some time as a bookkeeper.

It’s something I could do through distance learning and a number of the assessments for the industry qualifications are online.

That would suit me down to the ground.

It would also mean that I could potentially work from home if I could gain clients through freelancing.

That thought excites me and terrifies me in equal measure.

I’m not sure I want to commit to hours of study again or to the substantial monetary outlay that comes with it.

Are You A Man Or A Mouse?

I remember when I handed my notice in at work, everyone wanted to give me a little piece of their wisdom.

  • You’ll get bored;
  • You won’t have any money;
  • You’ll regret being unemployed;
  • You’ll miss being around people.

Actually, after an initial bedding in period, I’ve really enjoyed being a stay at home dad.

And I’m still enjoying it.

Time Waits For No Man

I don’t care that I’m not the breadwinner or that I have to do the housework.

I don’t have time to get bored and most of the time I don’t miss being around people at all.

It’s good to turn things on their heads sometimes and not fulfil the stereotypes we were born to be.

What do you think?

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