Taking The Kids Swimming Can Be Complicated

Every Sunday, I take my kids swimming at a local fitness club for their weekly swimming lesson.

Usually my wife comes with me but some weeks she has a work commitment and can’t come.

And that can make things a little more complicated than usual.

Get The Kids In Their Swimming Costumes Beforehand

To make it easier, the kids usually get ready in their costumes at home.

That way when we get there, all they need to do is get undressed and they’re ready to go.

It saves having one child hanging around whilst I’m helping the other one get changed.

Inevitably, that can lead to a bit of messing around and adds some frustration into the mix.

So it’s good to avoid that and a grumpy dad from the start!

The average attention span of the modern human being is about half as long as whatever you're trying to tell them.Meg Rosoff

Extra Precaution Needed With Grommets

My daughter had grommets fitted last year following some hearing problems.

They drain away fluid and maintain air pressure in the middle ear and it’s important not to get water in her ears.

The grommets can stay in for over a year so with the kids swimming lessons every week we need to take extra precautions.

That involves my daughter wearing a swimming headband and some ear plugs.

It can be a bit fiddly to get them both fitted, especially as my daughter has long hair.

I long for the day that the will grommets fall out and we don’t need the headband and ear plugs again.

Essential When Swimming With Grommets Fitted

Only One Family Changing Room

When we get to the fitness club comes the first hurdle to get over.

There’s only one family changing room.

So if it’s already in use when we get there it’s either wait it out or find an alternative.

That’s generally okay because the kids already have their costumes on underneath their clothes.

The problem starts when they come out of the pool and it’s time to get dressed again.

Then everyone wants to use the family changing room so it’s a bit of a lottery as to whether it’s available or not.

Getting Ready In The Men’s Changing Room

Sometimes I have no choice but to get both kids changed in the men’s changing rooms.

I’m not keen on doing that because my daughter likes to point out the nakedness of anyone in there.

There’s always someone in there coming out of the shower in the buff with no towel wrapped around them.

Taking The Kids Swimming Can Be Complicated

It’s kind of what you expect in a changing room but it makes me uncomfortable when my kids are there.

There’s always an awkwardness about it and inevitable questions and comments from the kids about people’s anatomies!

I’m not sure why but I wouldn’t feel the same if my son were getting changed in the women’s changing rooms with his mum.

That feels more acceptable. Although I’m sure similar questions and comments might persist.

Kids Swimming Lessons Are Important

My parents never learnt to swim and I always thought that a bit strange.

I guess it’s like some people I know have never learnt to drive either. That’s also strange!

I think kids swimming lessons are important for their safety and confidence in the water.

It helps them keep fit and healthy, teaches them a good life skill and it’s fun.

I wouldn’t want them grow up not having that skill because it could save their life one day.

Why Swim?

Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

When the swimming lesson is over and the kids are dried and changed, I breath a sigh of relief.

All being well, things have gone without a hitch and I can tell my wife how easy things went.

And then she’d no doubt wonder what all the fuss was about!

Do you take your kids swimming? Do they have lessons? What are the changing facilities like?

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