The SiteGround Special Migration Offer Is Here

It’s not been long since I moved back to WordPress from Tumblr.

And this post sort of pre-empts the next one I’m publishing but I wanted to share with you a limited time offer that’s happening right now.

It’s the SiteGround Special Migration Offer that’s running from 1 to 8 September 2016.

What’s The SiteGround Special Migration Offer?

You might be reluctant to move web hosts, even if things aren’t going too well with your existing host.

Possibly because you feel it will be a hassle to migrate your site or there might be some downtime where your site goes offline.

You may also be locked into a lengthy pre-payment contract and don’t want to lose your money.

SiteGround can help with all of those and are offering a cracking deal on their hosting services which you might be interested in.

Free Website Migration

No need to worry about migrating your site because SiteGround will do it all for you.

That means your site won’t suffer any downtime during the migration process.

SiteGround offer a free transfer of your site as part of their hosting package.

Migrating your site will be hassle free because a SiteGround expert will do it for you.

Up To 60% Discount

During the SiteGround Special Migration Offer period, you can get up to 60% off their usual hosting fees.

That’s a huge saving and you can lock that in for up to three years.

You’ll find that their prices are reasonable in any case but with the extra reduction, they’re extremely good value.

SiteGround Special Migration Offer

Up To 6 Months Free

Are you stuck in a long term contract with your current web host?

How’s the experience so far?

I hope it’s great but if it’s not then with the SiteGround Special Migration Offer you have a way out.

If you move to SiteGround during the offer period, they’ll compensate you for up to six months from your previous hosting contract.

So that means, you don’t lose out if you leave your current host because you get six months free from SiteGround.

Free Domain Transfer

To top everything off, SiteGround will make things even easier for you to manage.


Well, they’ll transfer your domain name for free and include a one year renewal of the domain too!

Now you can keep everything in one place and it’s hassle free.

A Quick Recap

So just to recap, the SiteGround Special Migration Offer runs from 1 to 8 September 2016.

During that period, you can get the following:

  • free website migration;
  • up to 60% discount;
  • up to 6 months free;
  • and a free domain transfer.

Ready To Find Out More?

Check out what SiteGround can do for you!  Click Here

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