Looking For Music Your Kids Will Love? Check Out Nick Cope

I received some free copies of CDs and a DVD from Nick Cope in exchange for writing a review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

My six-year-old daughter is an inquisitive little one.

Nick Cope had kindly sent me a couple of CDs and a DVD to listen to and share my thoughts on.

And the other day whilst I was out for a run, my daughter discovered these and was intrigued by the art work.

My wife put one of the CDs on for her and when I got back, my daughter was sitting in her room engrossed in the songs.

Never mind me reviewing them, my daughter was already in the process of doing it for me!

The Pirate’s Breakfast

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started listening to the CD, The Pirate’s Breakfast.

Most of the stuff my kids like to listen to I wouldn’t find myself enjoying; quite the opposite.

But I was pleasantly surprised when the first track, Another Day for Me came on.

I found myself humming along to the tune and listening intently to the story.

The songs on Nick Cope’s album cover loads of different topics from starting school to losing a much-loved pet.

One of my daughter’s favourite songs on the album, The Pirate’s Breakfast is about the relationship between mother and son.

We were walking home the other day from school and my daughter asked me about having seagulls’ eggs for breakfast.

I didn’t put two and two together until I’d actually listened to the CD.

There’s some great storytelling in the songs which are all very relevant to his young audience.

Nick Cope has produced something that any parent would be happy for their kids to listen to.

I can’t keep the hilarious track, The Baby’s Done A Poo! out of my head; another one of my daughter’s favourites!

Nick Cope

A Round Of Applause For The Dinosaurs

I discovered after listening to The Pirate’s Breakfast on CD that Nick Cope’s music is also on Spotify.

So as I write, I’m listening to his album from 2016 on Spotify, A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs.

And it’s another album full of different topics and stories relevant to young kids and the whole family.

You’ll find songs on there about finding friendship, feeling sick, caring for the environment and all the creatures around us.

I think my favourite song has to be I’m a Little Lizard. It’s catchy tune has been rattling around in my head all day.

It would be a perfect accompaniment to a David Attenborough programme as others have said I’m sure.

My daughter particularly enjoys A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs because she and her brother love dinosaurs.

She also really likes the story behind Lily o’ lily – the girl who fell down a hole and was rescued forty years later by an elephant!

Nick Cope

The Nick Cope Show

The Nick Cope Show is a great way to bring a different dimension to the music.

It’s a 25 minute DVD featuring songs from his album A Round of Applause for the Dinosaur as well as a few other Classic songs.

It was animated by Nick and his son Burt and you can see more of their work on Nick’s Youtube channel.

Of course, it features the brilliant track The Baby’s Done A Poo as well as my favourite, I’m a Little Lizard.

You can get your hands on all of Nick’s work through his website or on iTunes.

Nick also plays a live show at a number of venues around the UK and abroad during the year.

If you’re up in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival, don’t miss Nick Cope’s Family Song Book.

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