How To Save Time And Effort With My Personalized Socks

I received some free socks from My Personalized Socks in exchange for writing a review on my blog. All opinions are my own.

As a stay at home dad I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to make my life easier.

Whether that be something that saves me time, money or effort, I’m open to suggestions.

And that’s where My Personalized Socks come in.

They’ve got all of those things covered.

What’s So Special About My Personalized Socks?

Without pointing out the obvious, they make personalised knitted socks to order.

And as per their website, they’re the only supplier doing that in the world.

The socks are made from sustainably-produced supima cotton.

From my own experience, they’re both comfortable and have a quality look and feel.

I have high hopes that they’ll be hard-wearing and last longer than many of the other pairs of socks I normally buy.

When it comes to personalisation, your name and initials are knitted into the socks during the production process.

That means the socks keep your name after washing unlike printed socks.

And having them named might make it easier when sorting the washing!

How To Save Time And Effort With My Personalized Socks

A Great Gift Idea

I remember when I was a kid we always used to give my dad socks at Christmas time.

Let’s face it, we all wear them and they’re useful for keeping your feet warm.

So giving a gift from My Personalized Socks to your nearest and dearest might be that unique gift idea you’re looking for.

The Dress Socks come in black and feature two presentation areas for the name and initials.

Initials are knitted into both sides of the ankle and the name above the toes.

Alternatively, the Corporate Socks have three presentation areas with space for client’s details and your company name.

This could be an interesting gift to give to any clients you may have.

How To Save Time And Effort With My Personalized Socks

Leaving The Best Bit Until Last

This is where things become really interesting for parents with kids at school.

You see My Personalized Socks also do School Socks.

Can you imagine how convenient it would be for your kids’ school socks to already be labelled when they arrive in the post?

No more sewing in labels, ironing them on or having the hassle of embroidering names onto socks.

The sewn in and the ironed labels have a tendency to fall off and the embroidered ones can be irritating and scratchy.

The School Socks have two presentation areas where your child’s full name will be knitted in – one above the toes and the other on the inside top.

They come in a choice of sizes and colours – black, grey or white.

Dress Socks


  • Initials are knitted into both sides of the ankle and name above toes on each sock.
  • Perfect men’s gift delivered anywhere in the world.

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School Socks


  • Full name knitted into inner welt on the top of the toes.
  • No troublesome sewing in of labels required.
  • Choice of colours and sizes in short school socks available.

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Corporate Socks


  • Unique corporate gift with personalized details of client and your company name.
  • Sophisticated and practical corporate and event gift.

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My Thoughts

From my own point of view, as I mentioned above, I’ve found the socks very comfortable to wear.

With the name knitted into the socks, there’s less chance of pressure points or that scratchy feeling from labels.

It would be good to have a wider choice of colours and designs because that would broaden their appeal.

At the time of writing a pack of five socks costs £29.95 and you get free worldwide shipping for orders of three or more.

I’m not convinced I’d personally buy three packs at a time to get the free shipping.

But I can see how bulk buying could work if you were getting them from a corporate gifts point of view.

Having said that, the flat rate shipping cost of £7.96 doesn’t scare me off either.

When you consider the monetary cost and the time and effort you save on putting labels on yourself then that seems reasonable.

Are you ready to personalise your socks?

Take a look at My Personalized Socks today!

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