My Favourite Part Of The Day

As a stay at home dad, I’m supposed to say my favourite part of the day is spending time with my kids, right?

It’s important but having spent the last five years at home, I look forward to when I’ve dropped the kids off at school.

It’s a calm time before the rest of the day gets going.

I walk into the house and there’s peace and quiet before I get on with what needs doing.

I never knew how much I’d enjoy the silence.

Time For A Run

About two years ago, I started down a path to lose weight and keep fit.

And when I get home from dropping the kids off, three times a week I get changed into my running gear and go running.

It’s a way to set goals for myself and feel a sense of achievement.

I use Strava and my Garmin ForeRunner 735XT to plan my workouts and training.

Spotify keeps me company although sometimes I wish I had a running partner instead.

With a lack of other stay at home dads as friends though, many dads will probably be at work when I go out.

Still, if anyone fancies joining me for a run some time in the Edinburgh area, hit me up.

I Like The Routine

Another thing I like about my favourite part of the day is I can get stuck into my routine.

Whether that be doing the housework, grocery shopping or mowing the lawn, I start as I mean to go on.

If I sit around all day and while away the hours nothing would get done.

Keeping to a routine also makes the time feel like it’s going by much faster.

And it gives me a sense of purpose that I’m doing something to benefit the family.

After all being a stay at home dad is a job just like any other.

It’s A Time To Think And Reflect

When it’s just me in the house, it gives me time to think and reflect on what’s going on in the world.

I used to find the commute to work offered a similar opportunity, although with lots more people around.

It also lets me sort out the finances, do some writing, contemplate what happens next in my life.

That’s the beauty of being at home. I’m my own boss, well apart from my wife that is!

I still let things annoy me though even when it’s supposed to be my favourite part of the day.

So I’m still contemplating meditation although it feels like a weird thing to do.

I guess you shouldn’t knock it before you try it, huh?

It Could Be A Time To Study

I’m contemplating a time when my kids no longer need their dad at home 24-7.

It’s not too many months off I’m sure.

The school pick up time will be later giving me more scope to get back to work.

But I’d still like some flexibility to spend time with my family especially during the school holidays.

My favourite part of the day could turn out to be a time to study. Yuck!

I’m still thinking about retraining as a bookkeeper.

It’s something I could do from home and should fit in around everything else.

That’s My Favourite Part Of The Day Done. How About You?

What’s your favourite part of the day and why? When in the day are you at your best?

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