Minecraft Zombies Have Taken Over My House

It feels like they’re everywhere I look.

Minecraft zombies have taken over my house and it’s only when they go to bed that I get a moment’s peace.

If they’re not in the living room or the kitchen, they’re in the bedrooms or even in the bathroom.

Once a Minecraft free zone, now we’re invaded by the likes of DanTDM, Amy Lee and Stampy Cat.

It’s Always Minecraft Time

It’s endless.

We have Minecraft on the Playstations 3 and 4, mobile phones and the PC.

Now my son tells me they’re considering releasing it for the Nintendo 3DS as well.

Strangely not all of those versions can “talk” to each other though. Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise.

But it means that unless the kids use mobile phones or split screen on one TV, they can’t play a game together.

At least we get less chance of world war 3 when one of them destroys the other one’s creation!

Watching Other People Play It

When they’re not playing it, my kids turn into Minecraft zombies and watch other people playing it on YouTube.

I know the likes of DanTDM, Amy Lee and Stampy Cat are supposedly YouTube millionaires.

But whilst the millionaire status would be great, being a YouTuber isn’t really what I had in mind for my kids’ future.

It seems strange to me that you’d sit and watch someone else playing the game.

I guess it’s no different from watching someone else play Tennis or Cricket though.

I do restrict how much they watch and the subject matter however.

Whilst they might turn into Minecraft zombies themselves sometimes, I definitely don’t want them to watch anything untoward.

I think for the most part, it’s fairly benign stuff in any case.

Their Friends Want To Be YouTubers

One of my son’s friends already has a YouTube account and he’s only eight.

He’s even made some videos of himself playing Minecraft.

My son came home from school the other day and said another one of his friends wants to be a YouTuber too.

Far be it from me to criticise but should eight and nine-year-olds really be recording videos to put on Youtube?

In order to get a Google account you need to be at least 13.

So these kids have either lied about their age or got their parents to set an account up for them.

Would you let your kids publish their videos on YouTube at that age?

I know I certainly won’t and most probably until they’re at least 16.

It Makes My Stomach Churn

Ok, so maybe I’d like to be one of those Minecraft zombies too myself.

My kids are always calling me from another room to come and look at their latest creation.

And I’ve tried to join in with them to make something awesome.

The trouble is after only a few seconds of playing the game, my stomach starts to churn.

It happens rarely with me and video games but with Minecraft, the movement on screen makes me queasy.

It does give me an excuse not to get sucked into playing it though I suppose.

It Can Be So Creative

My daughter has a tendency to lose focus on many tasks she undertakes.

She gets so involved in the moment and her imagination takes over.

It takes over to the point that she loses track of what the task was in the first place.

With Minecraft, her imagination has no bounds and she comes up with some interesting creations.

They often involve lots of patterns and symmetry and she surprises me with how accomplished she has become.

As much as I like to indulge her creative side, I’m aware that both her and my son are often Minecraft zombies.

I don’t place too many restrictions on them using it but I do encourage them to focus on other things too.

At the very least to get their square eyes away from the TV or another gadget for a few hours.

Has Your House Been Taken Over By Minecraft Zombies?

How do you feel about Minecraft? Do your kids play it?

What about them recording themselves playing it and putting it on YouTube? Do you let them?

Do you restrict their screen time or time they spend on games consoles?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

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