Sometimes My Kids’ Perceptions Surprise Me

The world can be a strange place sometimes.

We shield our kids from the worst of it but they still pick up on things you don’t expect them to.

And over the past few months my kids’ perceptions have surprised me.

Not because I agree or disagree with them, more because I wasn’t expecting them.

Two things stand out as particularly relevant in today’s world.

Revelation No. 1

“There is no god. It’s all just in people’s heads”.

My wife and I aren’t religious, although we do come from Protestant and Catholic backgrounds.

We didn’t get married in church and haven’t had our kids christened.

It seemed hypocritical to do either of those things as we don’t follow a religion.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised then that one of our kids came to the conclusion there is no god however.

But it did come out of context and out of the blue one day after school.

It felt like an insightful revelation that had been thought through and a rational conclusion determined.

We always let the kids have an open mind when it comes to religion.

They can decide for themselves whether they want to be follow any religion when they’re older.

Revelation No. 2

“Donald Trump doesn’t like girls”.

With all the negative press surrounding Donald Trump, it’s no wonder one of my kids thinks that Mr Trump doesn’t like girls.

I hadn’t realised that my kids’ perceptions were so insightful however.

Or that they were clued up enough on the media that they would come to the conclusion he doesn’t like girls.

My kids rarely watch the news because my wife and I catch up with what’s happening after they go to bed.

So I’m not entirely sure where this revelation came from but it’s a little disconcerting that a child can see this in him.

It’s interesting that neither of my kids knew who Hilary Clinton was but they know Donald Trump by sight.

In fact they thought that Mrs Clinton was in fact Mrs Trump.

I’m sure it’s partly because they associate his name with expelling gas from the nether regions and find that funny.

Trump is another word for fart in the UK if you weren’t aware!

Photo Credit: quinn.anya Flickr via Compfight cc

Sharing These Things Can Be Bad For Your Health

OK, so religion and politics can be contentious.

As this is my blog I’m safe enough to share my kids’ perceptions here but I made the mistake of doing it on Twitter a while back.

In particular the revelation about Donald Trump and his disdain for girls.

It was meant to be a tongue in cheek tweet but I wasn’t prepared for the backlash I got.

I was called a liar and that I made it up. That one of my kids couldn’t have possibly thought that about Mr Trump. Really?!?

There was some very colourful language in a few of the tweets.

I gave up defending myself after a while because I had nothing to justify to them.

When I took the air out of their sails, they gave up. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Do Your Kids’ Perceptions Sometimes Surprise You?

I’m sure your kids come out with things that surprise you or that you don’t expect.

What observations have your kids made which surprise you?

Do you think your own thoughts and beliefs have shaped theirs?

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