Is It Time To Ditch The EU?

Forty-something years of my life without a referendum and then two come along. I already voted a big fat no to the cessation of Scotland from the UK so now it’s time for the EU.

Whilst it was completely clear in my mind how I’d vote in the Scottish referendum, I’m not sure which way I’ll vote in the in/out EU one. I’ve always thought of myself as British but I’m not sure I feel European in a closer integration kind of a way.

I’m aware that some of the arguments against Scotland going its own way also apply to the UK breaking free from the EU. It’s a leap into the unknown and could end up being a complete nightmare.

Yet I can’t help feeling we need to stop the EU from interfering with everyday life going forward. In my mind the UK being outside the EU is much more viable than Scotland leaving the UK.

I’m concerned that if the UK leaves the EU the SNP will demand another referendum to leave the UK. That I couldn’t bear. In many ways I wish the SNP would stick to their promise that the question of leaving the UK is settled for a generation.

Politicians from all parties aren’t helping my decision. I’ve heard both good and bad points about staying in the EU. As much as I’d like to ditch the bureaucracy and loss of sovereignty that EU membership brings, I suspect I may go with the status quo. But I don’t feel certain either way.

What do you think?

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