I Couldn’t Stay Away

What is it about blogging?

I mean, I’ve tried so hard over the past few weeks to leave it behind. Stay away from it even. It felt like such a relief when I removed myself from that world. Yet, I’ve been missing it just a little too.

I wrote my first post on Tumblr over a month ago. Kind of in secret and since then this place has lain dormant. I figured I’d let it go quietly. I’d let my domain name expire and disappear into the ether.

Then yesterday evening, I decided I’d been too hasty. That I should keep hold of my domain name and point my Tumblr blog to it. So that’s where I’m at. My blog has come back to life.

Tumblr feels like a strange world of animated gifs that’s inhabited by a broad range of people much younger than me. I like the simplicity of using it over WordPress though. There’s things I miss about WordPress but it feels much easier to sit down and write with Tumblr.

I wonder where all of this will take me next…

  • If you still had it you could put this one back: http://tim-bonner.com/bounce-rate-thoughts/ I just recommended it to David Leonhardt to include in some content he is writing, and he let me know it was gone. So I’m off to edit the post where I linked to you Oct 10, 2013. And I linked to it because Ileane Smith had linked to it.

    • I do still have it Gail. I’ve edited it and added it to the queue to be published this afternoon. It will have a different permalink than before due to the way Tumblr structures things.

      • Thanks, Tim. I added the new link to my older post and also shared you new post.

        • My pleasure Gail and thank you for sharing it.

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