How To Reclaim Your Old Docking Station With The Layen i-Dock

A few years ago my wife bought me a Gear4 docking station.

It was at a time when I still thought the iPhone was cool and the 30 pin connector was alive and well.

Roll forward a few years and since that connector became redundant so did my docking station.

It’s been languishing in the shed for quite some time.

But recently I came across the LAYEN i-Dock.

It’s a nifty gadget that has brought my i-Dock back to life because it makes it Bluetooth compatible.

No need to spend money on a new docking station when I no longer have to.

Easy To Set Up

Setting up the LAYEN i-Dock is easy.

Once you’ve turned on your docking station, you connect the i-Dock to the 30 pin connector.

The i-Dock makes a sound and a blue light starts to flash on it.

Ensuring that you have LAYEN i-DockBluetooth enabled on your device, you can then press the Bluetooth button on the i-Dock.

This will then be visible to your Bluetooth device and you can select it to pair.

Once pairing is successful, the i-Dock makes another sound and the blue light becomes constantly on.

From my experience pairing has been almost instant with my Samsung Galaxy S6 but it can take up to a minute.


You don’t need to have arguments over what music to play next.

The LAYEN i-Dock allows you to connect two devices at once.

So you can take it in turns to play your favourites music tracks.

To change from one device to another, you just pause what you’re listening to on one device and then start playing something new on another.

The change over between the two device is almost instant.

The i-Dock can also remember up to eight different devices, enough for all of those gadgets you have lying around the house.

Automatic Re-pairing

Once your LAYEN i-Dock is set up you won’t need to worry about pairing your device again because the i-Dock will remember it.

But you do have to remove and reinsert the i-Dock each time for it to find your device again.

It’s not a big deal, although it would have been handy for it to just remember my device without needing to reinsert the i-Dock each time.

It’s no different than if I were putting an iPhone in the dock at the end of the day.

Any time I wanted to listen to music on the dock I’d need to reinsert the device anyway.

Compatible With Lots Of Devices

The LAYEN i-Dock is compatible with a multitude of bluetooth devices and docking stations.

Although there are some docking stations that it doesn’t work with.

Compatible Bluetooth Devices

Compatible Docking Stations

Incompatible Docking Stations

If you have an incompatible docking station not to worry because LAYEN have some alternative solutions.

You can either take a look at the LAYEN AudioStream or the LAYEN Chilli Bluetooth Plug.

A list of known compatible and incompatible dock stations can be found here.

No Charging Required

One thing that can be a pain in the ass with these kind of gadgets is having to charge them every five minutes.

With the LAYEN i-Dock you don’t have to.

The 30 pin connection is all it takes to power the i-Dock and make your old docking station Bluetooth-enabled.

Once you insert the i-Dock and the blue light is on, you’re ready to go!

LAYEN i-Dock

Awesome Technology

The i-Dock uses Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR, has class 2 A2DP and AVRCP and also uses the aptX audio codec.

But what do all of these things mean?


Bluetooth EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) allows more data to be transferred between devices more quickly.

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) allows the streaming of high quality audio wirelessly.

AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) allows devices to control media playback on remote devices. It is typically used with A2DP devices for next/previous track selection and pause/play functions when streaming music.

aptX is an audio codec which gives CD-like quality stereo audio over a Bluetooth connection.

What it all adds up to is that the i-Dock gives you the quality of a wired connection over Bluetooth.

The LAYEN i-Dock Gives My Docking Station A New Lease Of Life

Technology advances at quite a rate and I hate to see things go to waste when they become obsolete.

Since I got hold of the i-Dock, my Gear4 docking station has become relevant again.

If you’re in a similar situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this little gadget.

It’s saved my docking station’s foreseeable future!

LAYEN i-DOCK Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Receiver - Multi-Pair (Pair Two Devices!) + aptX (Superior Sound!) Stream Music Wirelessly From any Bluetooth Ready Device to Dock/Stereo - Not Suitable For Cars
LAYEN i-DOCK Bluetooth 4.1 Audio Receiver

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