How Much Is A Domain Name Actually Worth Now?

I share my name with many people around the world.

Some of them are online and I compete with them in the search engine listings.

For some time I’ve been watching the domain name

It was about to expire recently after several years of use as a redirect to another site.

I had hoped I could buy it at a reasonable price.

But shortly after it expired it became clear that it had become valuable real estate instead.

Domain Name Appraisal

It turns out if I want to buy I’ll have to stump up $695.

That’s not big bucks by any means when it comes to buying a domain name.

It’s still not something I’d be willing to pay.

If you consider that sites like and value it at between $50 and $75 then it’s most likely overpriced.

Just like real estate though, someone might pay that price.

Assuming they do then it may be worth the mark up. No-one has taken up the offer to buy it yet though.

Perhaps it might come down in price one day.

What Would You Pay For A Domain Name?

The going rate for a .com domain name at is around $10 per annum.

There are many thousands of unique names you could buy for that price.

But what if the name you want is for sale at a much higher price?

I think the saying goes that something’s only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

I’m sure most people wouldn’t be willing to go much higher than $100 but I could be wrong.

How much would you be willing to pay for your ideal domain name?

  • I hope one day that I can get hold of the domain name without the hyphen. I certainly won’t pay a premium for it though.

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