Has Social Media Had Its Day?

Lately, I’ve stopped looking at many of my social media accounts.

I find myself in the position of having followed many people and brands that I no longer have any interest in.

My priorities have changed and with it the type of material I want to see.

The worst culprit is my Twitter feed. It’s hard to get any value from it any more.

But what can you do about it?

When there’s thousands of people to trawl through, it feels like a mammoth task.

Soldier On

I could just carry on as I have been and hope to discover interesting things to read and people to interact with.

It’s something that’s worked in the past.

There’s only so many list posts and “influencer” marketing messages I can stomach though.


I’ve tried using Twitter Lists but I find them hard work and muting people feels underhanded.

One thing that helps is Meshfire. It sorts the meaningful stuff on Twitter from the white noise.

I’ve used it for a long time and it makes Twitter almost bearable again.

I want social media to be more than bearable though.

So soldering on is not going to be a solution.

Start Again

Maybe the answer is to rip everything up and start again.

I did it with this blog so why not with my social accounts? Wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

The trouble is that there are also many people I’ve met through social media who I value.

I don’t want to lose any interaction with them. In fact I want the opposite.


Starting again would be a step too far possibly?

It may even have been for my blog but it allowed me to realign my thoughts in the quickest way possible.

There must be a middle ground I can find somewhere!

Somewhere In Between

I don’t use Google , LinkedIn or Pinterest any more. Now my focus is completely on Twitter and Facebook.

My mission to make my Twitter feed relevant again started in earnest.

I thought about how best I could make this happen as I didn’t want it to be a random thing.

So I came up with the following plan:

  1. Unfollow anyone that’s no longer following me;
  2. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t Tweet in English;
  3. Unfollow anyone who hasn’t posted a Tweet for the last 30 days;
  4. Unfollow anyone without a profile image.

That has worked well so far.


I’m already seeing a much clearer Twitter feed, especially when I use Meshfire.

I’ve had to put things on hold for a while because I’ve been in the middle of moving house.

But I’ve started to focus on blogging and social media again this week.

I will pick up momentum in the next couple of weeks.

Useful Sites To Control Your Twitter Feed

As I’ve unfortunately discovered, it’s easy to let your Twitter feed get out of control.

There are some useful sites you can use that allow you to delve into who you’re following a little more.

In fact, for the plan I’ve been following there are sites that allow you to do this for free.


Statusbrew.com analyses your Twitter feed and comes back with helpful information like:

  • new unfollowers;
  • people not following back;
  • inactive followers;
  • people with no profile image;
  • possible fake accounts following you.

With it being free, there are some restrictions and these come in the form of usage limits.

The main one which holds things up a little in my current plan is that in any 24 hours you can only unfollow 100 people.


ManageFlitter.com offers a similar service to Statusbrew.

You can find the same information for free with the same restrictions on the free account.

So that means you can at least unfollow another 100 people in any 24 hours if you so desire.

Unfollower Stats

UnfollowerStats.com is a free and unlimited unfollower service.

It’s currently in beta but it looks like it has the potential to be useful.

It has similar functionality as Statusbrew and Manageflitter but shows ads to cover costs.

I like the way it’s set out on the dashboard design.

It appears that there’s a restriction of 3,000 actions per day.

I think that gets split between following, unfollowing and blocking people.

Have You Changed How You Use Social Media?


Social media has become less of an attraction for me.

I’m changing that by redefining what I see in my news feeds and who I follow.

What about you? Has your use of social accounts evolved?

Does it still hold the same attraction that it once did?

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