Is The Genesis Framework The Perfect WordPress Theme Framework?

Last week I mentioned I’ve gone back to using the Genesis Framework.

It feels comfortably familiar and with the Altitude Pro child theme installed it allowed me to get things up and running pretty quickly.

But is there such a thing as a perfect WordPress framework?

Well, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I think the Genesis Framework’s pretty special.

There’s many reasons why I think that and I will cover some of them in this post.

Surprisingly Inexpensive

When I was originally looking for a new theme, one of my considerations was cost.

I was more than willing to pay a reasonable price assuming it was going to last me well into the future.

The surprising thing when I researched all my options was that the Genesis Framework was very reasonably priced.

You can get the framework for just $59.95 and that gives you access to it forever, no strings attached.

That was a huge draw for me as I didn’t really want to keep paying monthly for ongoing updates.

Pick up a Child theme at the same time and you’re ready to get your site under way.

Security Like Fort Knox

Nobody goes out of their way to leave their site open to hackers but in many cases those pesky critters find a way in through the back door.

The Genesis framework follows all the WordPress security best practices. What does that mean?

In a nutshell, it’s much more secure from hackers

And that’s because StudioPress, the guys behind the framework, had the insight to bring in core WordPress developer and security expert Mark Jaquith to check things over.

It remains secure as well because it continually gets updated following the same best practices as WordPress evolves.

You Get Unlimited Everything!

Is it too good to be true? Unlimited Everything?

Actually, that’s exactly what you do get:

  • unlimited support;
  • unlimited updates and;
  • unlimited websites.

Once you’ve bought the Genesis Framework, you’re in an exclusive club for life!

You’ll not be charged for future updates and you can add it to as many websites as you want.

That also goes for client websites too. There’s no developer license; you get everything for the one time payment of $59.95!

Genesis Framework for WordPress

Updating Is Child’s Play

I remember some time ago when I used a rival WordPress theme framework, it was a nightmare to update.

The worst of it was, when they released a major new version, I literally had to set up my site’s design again, even though I was using a Child theme.

OK, so we can’t always expect backwards compatibility but it meant installing a completely new version of the framework and starting again.

All was not lost though because it lead me to buying the Genesis Framework and now all my updates are one-click delights!

Even when StudioPress released a major update of the framework to version 2.0, they still managed to do it with just one little click.

Nice! No more having to rework anything and they even included backwards compatibility to the earlier version to boot.

Super-Powered Search Engine Optimization

You want to rank well with the search engines? Then you need Genesis.

It has built-in support for code to allow the search engines to better understand what’s on your site.

Not only that but with the Genesis Framework, you’re getting clean code optimized by Greg Boser, search engine optimization pioneer and industry expert.

Thriving Community

Don’t know how to do something with Genesis, just ask. You get lifetime access to the StudioPress support team for starters.

There’s also a forum for framework owners  with over 20 moderators from all over the world.

Do a search on Google and there’s a wealth of information and tutorials on Genesis from loads of users and developers all for free.

Seek advice and ye shall find! The Genesis Framework is well supported in every regard.

All It Takes Is Your Imagination

With a whole host of Child themes available for Genesis, you don’t have to be a web developer to let your imagination go wild.

You can pick up a Child theme from as little as $20.

These are backed up with built-in custom widgets and a “mix and match” layout.

That means you can choose a different layout for each post or page you come up with.

Don’t want a sidebar on a particular page, no problem you don’t have to.

There’s also a tonne of plugins built specifically for Genesis to help setting your website up a breeze.

Convinced About The Genesis Framework Yet?

There are many compelling reasons why I would recommend you check it out and I hope I’ve covered them.

Here’s the deal…

You can pick the Genesis Framework up for a snip at $59.95.

So, hop on over there now and check it out.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

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