How Fitbit Helps Me To Complete My Fitness Goals

A few days ago I reached a new milestone. I ran my first 10k nonstop.

It was back in February 2015 that I decided to do something about being unfit and overweight.

At that time I was 15 stone and had a BMI of 28.1.

I didn’t want to be a dad who couldn’t keep up with his kids – out of breath and a lack of energy.

I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do it alone but I didn’t want to join something like WeightWatchers.

That’s when I discovered Fitbit.



You may have heard of Fitbit already. They make fitness trackers to help you keep fit.

What I found is that they offer much more than that though.

Fitbit tracks everything and that means activity, exercise, food, weight and even sleep.

You can keep an eye on your progress via the web, your smartphone and a Windows app.

When I first started using Fitbit back in February, I felt overwhelmed.

Entering everything I ate felt like hard work. More so because there wasn’t a UK food database at the time either.

Since they introduced a UK database though it’s been much easier.

It’s now become second nature to keep a record of the food I’ve eaten.

It’s as simple as opening the Fitbit dashboard, searching for the food item and adding it.

By tracking your food intake Fitbit can help you achieve your desired weight.

You can choose a daily calorie deficit of between 250 and 1000 calories.

Which intensity you choose depends on how active you plan to be to reach your weight goal.

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge

One of the main reasons I went down the Fitbit route was that I had a Windows Phone at the time.

I knew they were supporting that platform so it felt like a good match.

I had also considered the Microsoft Band but it wasn’t clear when it would be available to buy in the UK.

So I made a big commitment to buy the Fitbit Surge instead.

It’s their flagship tracker and they describe it as a “fitness super watch”.

Out of all their trackers available I preferred the design of the Fitbit Surge.

It’s the most watch-like (apart from the new Fitbit Blaze) and unlike most of the other Fitbit trackers the watch face is always on.

The other things which attracted me to the Surge are:

  • it’s GPS enabled;
  • it tracks your sleep;
  • it can tell if you’re doing exercise with SmartTrack;
  • it tracks my heart rate;
  • it has a long battery life – up to 7 days.

Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria

As well as the Surge, I picked up the Fitbit Aria too.

It’s a smart scale that tracks weight, body mass index (BMI), lean mass and body fat percentage.

I like the fact that it wirelessly syncs my stats to my Fitbit account.

It makes it easier to set weight loss goals and for me to keep a handle on how things are going.

The Fitbit Aria can recognise up to eight people and keeps individual results private.

So the whole family can use the scales too.

Fitbit Premium

To get the entire Fitbit experience, I also subscribed to Fitbit Premium.

The standard dashboard gives useful information. If you want to delve further though, the premium version is what you need.

There’s the Fitbit Trainer that helps you get more active.

It creates a personalised 12 week fitness plan for you to increase your movement.

Then there’s Premium reports. They give you an in-depth analysis of your sleep, food and activity.

They can help you by recommending targets for the following week.

I find the reports particularly useful to see trends in how the calorific composition of my food is made up.

Finally you can also rank yourself against your peers.

The aim being to increase motivation and set wellness goals by comparing your weight, activity and sleep with other Fitbit users.

My Results So Far

When I first started with Fitbit, my aim was to reach a goal weight of 11 and a half stone.

As it stands, I currently weigh 12 stone and have a BMI of 22.9. That’s a loss of 3 stone and a decrease in my BMI of 5.2.

I’ve gone from a body fat percentage of 28 down to 20.1.

When I started out, my BMI was classed as overweight and now I’m in the normal zone.

I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made but I’ve been working hard to get below that weight.

I’m determined to reach my goal within the next few months.

And with my trusty Fitbit Surge, I have a much better chance of doing that.

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