Do You Sometimes Feel Really Helpless As A Stay At Home Dad?

Yes, I admit it. I sometimes feel really helpless as a stay at home dad.

I’m itching to get involved in things or to sway them in a certain direction but in reality I have little influence over them.

It can be hard to watch things from the sidelines go in a direction you’d prefer them not to.

And occasionally I have to sit on my hands or bite my tongue in case I find myself too tempted to react.

But ultimately I’ve taken on the supporting role, rather than the lead so I realise I need to be careful.

It doesn’t stop me from voicing my frustrations on here or to my friends and family though!

Awkward Work Colleagues

One thing that makes me feel really helpless is my wife’s awkward work colleagues.

I’ve never known such an abundance of militant, underhand and clueless people in the same place.

The more letters they have after their names, the less common sense and poorer judgement they seem to have.

Some of them are just downright nasty whilst others scheme and conspire to further their own agenda.

No-one seems to dare to stop them; not even the man who heads things up.

Why? Because they’ve managed to oust two of his predecessors already and they smell blood.

I get to hear all about these oddities first hand yet I can’t do anything about them either.

It’s only right that I’m a sounding board for my wife but I would love to tell them a few home truths.

Maybe one of these days…

Time To Move On

My kids are happy in Scotland but I’m not any more.

I feel similar to how I did when I left Edinburgh for the first time in 1997.

There are a few things gradually eating away at my reasons to stay.

And whilst we won’t jump ship until the right time, I see that time getting ever closer.

My wife is now actively looking for positions in England and in some ways our minds are already crossing the border.

It’s not something I have control over though so I feel really helpless about that.

With me being out of the corporate world for five years now, it all rests on my wife’s shoulders.

And there’s always a bit of luck involved when you’re applying for jobs.

Hopefully lady luck will shine on us soon.

Political Suicide

I hate Brexit. I voted to remain in the EU.

I dislike the SNP. I voted to keep the UK together.

And now I feel really helpless about the political situation in the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon is using my vote to remain in the EU against me.

I definitely don’t want to be in an independent Scotland overrun by SNP members.

And I don’t know that the school where my wife works would survive without Scotland remaining in the UK.

Whilst I think that Brexit will do us harm in the short term, Scotland seceding from the UK is political and financial suicide.

Why? Because it may take 50 years to get back to where we are now if the SNP get there way.

I don’t want my kids’ future to be written off like that.

Need vs Want

I look after my family’s finances with YNAB.

It makes it really easy to budget and plan for future expenses.

But sometimes I just want to make a totally self-indulgent purchase.

I used to be able to do it when I was in work and before the kids came along.

Now there’s only one wage coming in, what I want isn’t as important as what I need.

It makes me feel really helpless that I have to plan ahead if I want to buy something.

My wife and I give ourselves an allowance each month to spend on whatever we want and I do save up when there’s a particular gadget I’m after.

More times than not though, I convince myself I didn’t really need that must buy thing I really wanted anyway.

Does Being A Stay At Home Dad Make You Feel Really Helpless Sometimes?

What things make you feel helpless as a stay at home dad? Or do you not let anything phase you?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

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