Dynamik Website Builder Review: Build Your Website With Genesis

One of the main reasons I use the Genesis Framework is because of its clean, secure code.

The trouble is though, unless you’re a web developer, it can be tricky to customise Genesis as there are limited options in the theme settings.

However, since I found the Dynamik Website Builder, that’s no longer a problem.

You can customise pretty much everything you can think of without any coding experience and it’s so easy to get to grips with.

In this review, I’m going to go through why I think it’s the best Genesis child theme and why I use it on my blog.

Why I Use The Dynamik Website Builder

With all the child themes available for Genesis, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

The thing is though, unless you can find one that specifically meets your design needs there’s always going to be a compromise.

Sure if you have some coding experience you might be able to do something about it but if you don’t then your options are limited.

…But that’s why I use the Dynamik Website Builder.

It lets me make changes to my site with its extensive design options and there’s no coding required.

You can build your website with ease!

Dynamik Design Options

The Design Options section of the Dynamik Website Builder is where you can let your imagination go wild.

There are loads of options you can experiment with and they’re broken down into separate tabs to make things easier to find.

Dynamik Design

Everything you’d ever want to change about your site can be done from the Design Options menu.

For instance, take a look at the content tab.

Dynamik Website Builder

Maybe you don’t like the heading font sizes or want to change them to a different font or colour.

It takes seconds with the Dynamik Website Builder and it doesn’t just stop there.

You can change background colours as well as borders, margins and padding at the click of a button.

Choose Your Layout

With the Genesis Framework there are a number of layout options you can choose from and you can specify which layout you want on every post or page.

There’s the standard blog template based on your content with a right or left sidebar but you can also use a full width layout for things like your About Me page or a sales page.

The Dynamik Website Builder takes this even further by allowing you to change the widths of all the layout areas.

Dynamik Website Builder

Not only that but with Dynamik it’s also easy to change how your site looks on different browser widths with the responsive tab.

You can choose the width of the media you want to work on and then change the CSS to your heart’s content.

Dynamik Website Builder

Static Home Pages

It’s not all just about creating a blog though with the Dynamik Website Builder.

You can easily set up a static home page for your site which is fully widgetised, allowing you to feature your particular product or service.

…But you can still maintain a blog to keep your readers and customers informed too.

Dynamik Website Builder

Dynamik Custom Options

Now this is where things get seriously interesting.

The features I’ve mentioned above cater for anyone who doesn’t know any code and doesn’t want to learn any programming to make their perfect design.

The Dynamik Custom options, on the other hand, bring more advanced functionality to your bag of tricks.

Front End CSS Builder

One of my favourite features is the front end CSS builder.

It allows you to get a live preview of your site as you work on any CSS rules you want to add and you can immediately see what effect the changes will make.

The best thing is you can do that safe in the knowledge that nothing will be live on your site until you hit the save changes button.

The CSS builder pane takes up the left hand side of your page or you can have it open up in its own window.

Dynamik Website Builder

Custom Widget Areas

The custom widget areas feature is something I use here on my blog.

It allows you to create a widget area anywhere on your site using Genesis hooks.

If you want to add a banner ad or an opt-in box after your post then the custom widget function will come in handy.

Dynamik Website Builder

Custom Functions

This is another feature I find invaluable.

Say you’ve found some php code that you want to add to your site but don’t want to mess around with updating any of your theme files.

The custom functions feature allows you to add php code to your site without the need to mess around with the theme files at all.

There are many examples of php code provided by StudioPress, who make the Genesis Framework, that you can easily slot in here.

Dynamik Website Builder

These features are definitely for the more advanced user but make it so easy to customise your site to exactly the way you want it.

Here’s The Deal

The Dynamik Website Builder will currently set you back $79.00 for a single site license plus an annual renewal fee of 50% of the purchase price.

That’s a bit more expensive than many of the other Genesis child themes out there but that’s because of all the powerful features it has.

I reckon after using it for only a couple of days, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

There are loads of helpful training videos provided as well which helps you get up to speed very quickly.

So, if you’re looking for a Genesis child theme which gives complete flexibility then this is the one for you!

Ready to find out more?

Check out the Dynamik Website Builder today!

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