Does Your Personality Determine How You Blog?

There are all sorts of bloggers out there.

Each have their own personality and traits but does that predefine how they will approach blogging?

I’ve noticed over time that I’ve changed the way I work on this blog.

I used to follow other well-known bloggers’ advice which went against how I would naturally do things.

I’ve settled into doing things now my own way and that’s where I hope everyone will end up eventually.

How Can You Determine Your Personality Type?

You may consider that you know lots about yourself.

But have you ever wondered whether you’re blogging in the right way to match your personality?

The Jungian model is one of the most used way to test this. It can help you understand what blogging method or content would work best for you.

You can use the Prelude Character Analysis Questionnaire to get an idea of your particular character type. The questionnaire is based on the Jungian model.

Or, you can enter your blog’s URL into and it will analyze your character type from your writing.

Typealyzer uses the Myers-Briggs type indicators which are also based on the Jungian model.

How Does Personality Type Affect Your Blogging Style?

If you take a look at the infographic below, you can see how different traits affect how you blog.

Personality In Blogging

What Can You Determine About Blogging From Your Personality Type?

After taking the Prelude Character Analysis Questionnaire, you might find that changing the way you blog would make a difference to you.

Under the Jungian model, I have an ISFJ type personality and Typealyzer has my blog as ISTJ.

Prelude Character Analysis

I’d say it’s pretty accurate, although I’d consider myself more perceiving than judging.

What I’ve learnt from this research is that it’s great to take on board advice about blogging…

But (and this is a bit BUT), you have to work out for yourself how best to go about things.

You may think you should do that from day one.

It’s actually not so easy when you have millions of bloggers out there telling you how to do things!

What Type Of Personality Traits Do You Have?

If you took the test or used the Typealyzer what personality traits did you come out with?

Do you think they’re accurate and did you find out anything about yourself which will change the way you blog?

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