Do You Think The UK Currently Has Identity Issues?

The UK seems to be having some identity issues at the moment.

Half the people want to be a member of the European club and the other half don’t.

Then you’ve got Scotland and its struggles to work out what it wants. Break up the Union or don’t?

And it feels surreal being stuck in the middle of it.

It’s All About The Butter

A few weeks ago I was in my local supermarket buying some butter.

My wife likes it on her toast in the morning and we’d run out.

Checking out what they had on the shelf, I noticed they had both English and Scottish butter.

I thought to myself how interesting it was that they’d sell both and that there’d be a market for it.

In all honesty, I’ve tried both and couldn’t really taste any discernible difference between them.

Perhaps the supermarket came to the same conclusion?

A few weeks later when I was looking for the same butter it had mysteriously changed into British butter.

It made me think that maybe the supermarket was trying to tell us something.

That England and Scotland are so intertwined that we’re all British anyway.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I voted to stay in the EU and I voted to keep the UK intact.

I live in Scotland but was born in England and consider myself British.

It feels such a shame that my kids will likely not have the same access to the EU as I have had.

But for me it would be an even greater issue if they couldn’t experience living in the UK.

I feel cheated that we came up to Scotland for work and now the SNP want to throw things into the bin.

My kids were born in Scotland and we have invested so much into our lives here.

Only for it all to be taken away by a potentially even more disastrous move than leaving the EU.

I’m sure it’s how many of the EU migrants that came to the UK also feel.

Where Is This All Going?

Had I foreseen back in 2005 that the SNP were going to try and break up the UK, I wouldn’t have encouraged my wife to apply for jobs in Edinburgh.

It no longer feels like such an attractive place to live since they became the biggest party in Holyrood.

I know there are 45% of Scottish People who do want to go it alone and it saddens me.

Canada managed to weather the divisive storm of nationalism in two referendums so maybe the UK can do the same.

We’ve got through one recently so another one so soon will hopefully end up with a similar result.

But if it doesn’t and the UK breaks up, I think Scotland will be worse for it.

Where once I had hoped we would bring our kids up here, now all I want to do is find the quickest way to get out.

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on Brexit? How do you feel about the SNP’s attempts to break up the UK?

Where do you see the future of the UK? Does it currently have identity issues?

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