How Much Do I Actually Dislike Homework? A Lot!

Thinking back to when I was a kid in the 1970s, I don’t remember having much homework at primary school.

I’m sure we had reading to do at home but nothing like the amount of work my kids seem to get.

And of course the last thing they want to do when they get home is think about school.

They want to relax.

Dealing With Two Lots Of Homework At Once

It’s never easy to get homework done when there are two or more kids involved.

Because it feels easier to me though, I usually get both of mine to do it at the same time.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the subject they’ve got on a particular evening.

They’re in different school years so they’re never coming at me with the same problems.

I can usually  cope with my six-year-old daughter’s homework but it’s not always the case with my nine-year-old son’s!

When it’s time for French I start to struggle since I haven’t studied it since I was at secondary school.

Struggling With Focus

My daughter has a tendency to lack focus and needs constant shepherding to keep her on track.

I can’t remember whether my son was similar at her age but my wife seems to think so.

For quite some time she was ambidextrous but over the last year has decided she’s left-handed.

That brings with it an added complication when doing spelling homework.

The words she needs to learn are detailed on the left hand side of the page.

Of course when she needs to copy them across the page, her arm is unintentionally covering them up.

So she has to keep lifting her arm to look at the word which leads to not very fluent writing.

When you struggle with focus in the first place, that only adds to the distraction.

Hearing And Speech Problems

I think a lot of my daughter’s learning difficulties are derived from the glue ear she had in the past.

It feels like it put her back a couple of years in her development.

It worries me that her written work and understanding of maths won’t catch up.

Having said that, with the speech therapy sessions she’s had, her usage of phonics and her general reading ability has come on leaps and bounds.

Whether that means she’ll catch up in time or whether she will be held back a year later in school, I don’t know.

I hope that she’ll catch up sufficiently that it won’t get to that point.

Impressive Resolve

My son tends to get on with his homework regardless of any distractions.

I’ve been impressed with his resolve to get things done and out of the way so he can relax after school.

Sometimes at the weekends, he’ll even ask to complete the work he needs to do.

I can’t believe what a difference there is between my son and my daughter in that regard and I hope she’ll mature in a similar way.

He’s not keen on reading and my wife and I need to encourage that more.

Particularly as he’s now started to get more work about grammar.

When he started asking about nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepositions, I had to do some research myself.

But we figured it out together.

How Does Homework Time Go Down In Your House?

Do your kids do their homework at the same time?

Can they stay focused or do they need to be pushed in the right direction?

How do you cope helping them with their work?

Please leave a comment below and join in the conversation.

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