CSS For Beginners: Where Do You Start?

If you asked me about CSS a couple of years ago I probably would have run for the hills.

Back then I had no idea that CSS stood for Cascading Style Sheets, let alone what you would actually do with them.

But I was intrigued enough to find out how using CSS could benefit me as a blogger.

I remember looking at CSS for beginners tutorials that could help me understand the basics.

Searching on Google you get a variety of sites to look at.

CSS Tutorials And Where To Find Them


Of all the sites I researched, Codecademy was the one I chose to find CSS examples that I could work with.

The site is free to join and not only has tutorials that you could class as CSS for beginners but it also covers:

  • Web fundamentals
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Projects
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • APIs

Initially there are a set of interactive courses you can do which are grouped together for each topic to help you master it.

After that, there are many other courses, not only CSS tutorials but covering everything else listed above.

Here’s a screenshot of one CSS tutorial I took and it really did feel like a CSS for beginners course.


Every step of the way you are coding in real time and you can see the red box I’ve coded on the right.

If your code syntax is wrong when you submit the code, a handy box appears to point you in the right direction.

Now I know learning CSS will not appeal to everyone but it’s a great way to make little tweaks to your blog.

Don’t like the background colour of your sidebar, then change it with CSS.

How about a border around something? Again all you need to do is use CSS.

I’ve already done this very thing on my blog just from completing the CSS tutorials on Codecademy.

More CSS Tutorials On The Web


W3Schools is another free option to learn CSS for beginners.

They have extensive CSS examples and CSS tutorials but for me they aren’t as easy to follow as Codecademy.

The quizzes are just multiple choice questions rather than you actually trying out code.

There are lots of options to try coding yourself, although there isn’t any instruction given if you get things wrong.

Code School

Code School looks to have a very similar style of learning as Codecademy but with the added support of videos.

The tutorials are well set out and give you pointers if you haven’t quite understood.

If you want to get access to all the training, there’s a monthly fee to enroll.


An alternative to Code School is Treehouse.

You learn with video tutorials, practice what you’ve learnt and earn badges to detail your progress.

There are a few free introductory courses you can take to see what you think. After that, there is a monthly fee.


If you want more than just coding tutorials then Lynda is what you need!

There’s all sorts of online training courses available, including CSS tutorials.

There’s a 10 day free trial and then a basic or premium membership available.

You can even access tutorials on the go via their mobile site or the iPhone app.

Are You Ready To Start CSS For Beginners?

As I mentioned above, I know learning CSS isn’t for everyone but it’s useful to know the basics so you can tweak things here and there.

Is learning CSS your thing or would you prefer to outsource that side of things?

Have you ever tried any CSS for beginners courses?

  • Hi Tim
    Very interesting topic; I have learnt the basic level of CSS and remember well how hellish were technical things before learning it.
    I also want to learn a little about JavaScript and PHP to manage effectively my WordPress blog and would surely check the resources you mentioned. I have been using W3School and it is I think completely free and one can’t believe the quality it is offering without charging money.
    Many thanks for sharing these precious resources to learn coding

    • Hi Mi
      Codecademy sounds like it will be right up your street. They have free Javascript and PHP courses.
      What I like about Codecademy is that you get to try out your coding skills in a live testing environment.
      So as you’re practising, you can immediately see the results.
      And if you’re not on the right track, you get helpful hints as to where you’re going wrong and how to correct things.
      You should definitely give it a try!

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