CoSchedule Review: The Perfect Social Media Editorial Calendar?

I’ve been using an editorial calendar for as long as I can remember.

First using a spreadsheet then using a free plugin but now I use one that integrates perfectly with social media.

It’s called CoSchedule and it’s a lightweight premium WordPress plugin.

I remember reading about CoSchedule when it was in beta and thinking it would be ideal for me but that it may prove to be too expensive.

I wanted to be able to automate social media publishing directly from WordPress and was having all sorts of problems with another plugin I was using to do the job.

What I didn’t realise at the time though was that they offer their service from just $15 per month for each WordPress blog you want to install it on.

Overview Of CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a drag-and-drop social media editorial calendar that helps you organise your blog posts and social media all from your WordPress dashboard.

It integrates with the most used social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

It also integrates with Tumblr, Buffer,, Google Analytics and Google Calendar as well though.

The guys at CoSchedule have put together this helpful video giving an overview of what it can do.

Let’s take a look at some of those features in more detail.

Drag-And-Drop Editorial Calendar

I like to use the drafts section in WordPress to keep ideas for future blog posts.

I love that I can see all of them in one place using the calendar and drag them into place where I want to publish them.

When you’ve added the draft post to your calendar you can then just drag it to another day if you want.

It’s so simple to get your blogging schedule organised.

The calendar can be set up to show up to six weeks so you can plan well into the future if you want to.

It certainly helps if you’re going on holiday as you can set things up and let CoSchedule get to work whilst you relax!

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

Set Up Social Media Posts As You Write

One of the features I find the most useful is that you can set up social media campaigns around your blog posts as you’re writing them.

Right under the post I’m currently drafting there’s a CoSchedule section where I can also draft updates to my social media accounts.

It allows me to draft as many social media messages as I want at customised times or by adding them to Buffer.

You can schedule your social media messages to get published at the same time as your post for example.

If you decide you want to drag a draft or scheduled post to another date in your calendar, CoSchedule seamlessly moves all of the social media posts you’ve drafted and attached to that post as well.

You don’t have to mess about with rescheduling everything.

Social Media In Post

Social Media Automation Made Easy

From my experience, it’s wise to have a social media sharing schedule because it increases your chances of getting more clicks and more traffic to your site.

CoSchedule makes setting up a social media sharing schedule easy.

You choose the social media account(s) you want to use, whether you want it to be a text post, image post, or link post and from there you can preview what your message will look like.

You can change the title, permalink and image which ensures that each time you share your post on social media that your message is unique.

From there, you choose the time and date that you want to share your message.

This will appear in your CoSchedule calendar once you’ve added the message so you can keep a track of when your social media messages will be sent.

I use CoSchedule to plan my social media strategy.

I came up with a schedule of when and how I will share on each of my social media accounts and now for each post I follow that, tweaking things via the calendar as I go.

Social Media Calendar

Top Content Report

One of the features of CoSchedule I particularly like is the Top Content Report.

Once you’ve published a post you can see how many social media shares it’s received on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

The total shares are also shown in the calendar view on each blog post.

I use the Top Content Report to discover posts that could gain a little more exposure.

I then set up CoSchedule to share at least one post from my archives per day on the social media networks.

I also use the analytics to determine the types of posts that do well on social media so that I can tweak my future writing schedule.

Top Content Report

Chrome Extension

CoSchedule has a chrome extension which allows you to share curated content to all your connected social profiles.

I used to use Buffer and sometimes HootSuite to do this but since I started using CoSchedule, I now use it almost exclusively to curate articles and quotes.

The extension automatically pulls through blog post headlines and header images.

So all you need to consider is which social media accounts to share to and whether a link, image or text would be the best way to share the content.

All of the curated items will appear on your editorial calendar so you can see what’s going to be sent and when.

Any changes you want to make can be done by dragging and dropping content to where you want it.

Start A Free Test Drive Today

CoSchedule offers a free 14-day trial so you can give it a thorough test drive.

If you’re looking to be more efficient and to make your blogging schedule work like clockwork then give CoSchedule a whirl and see what it can do for you too.

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