There’s A Change In The Air

There’s no mistaking it. That smell of change in the air.

As someone who hates change it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

First came the unexpected presidential madness in America and then came our own Brexit madness.

They say things come in threes so now Nicola Sturgeon has cast her own bad smell over the UK with another independence referendum demand.

Brexit Is Nearly A Reality

Everything’s set for the people who wanted to leave the EU to stick two fingers up at Europe.

By the end of the month, we’ll have two years of negotiations which will probably amount to not very much.

27 versus 1 doesn’t exactly make me feel like we’re going to achieve what the Brexit politicians are saying.

Meanwhile no-one really has a clue what is really going on and how this will all end up.

Are we really going to get all of these free trade agreements and be better off outside the EU?

I can only hope so. I’m not keen on seeing a border return in Ireland or one appearing between Scotland and England.

I wonder what the future holds for my kids when all of this settles down?

That’s not going to be for quite some time however.

I Don’t Want To Live In SNP Land

I like living in Scotland. Apart from the weather and the SNP, it’s a really nice place to be.

I had thought we’d be staying put for quite some time after the 2014 No vote to independence.

My kids love it here too. It’s where they were born and where their friends live.

But I have had enough of Nicola Sturgeon’s and the SNP’s vitriol towards the UK.

I’m happy to live in Scotland when there’s a way to hold the SNP back via Westminster.

But I’m not happy to live in SNP Land should they ever succeed in seceding from the Union.

Starting The Process Of Evacuation

I figure we have until around 2020 before we need to evacuate.

I’m sure the UK Government won’t dance to Nicola Sturgeon’s tune and hold a referendum whilst Brexit negotiations are ongoing.

That’s good because it gives us more time to consider our options outside of Scotland.

But if we can get out before 2020 it would be a bonus.

I’d rather take my chances with Brexit than SNP Land.

I’m at the stage where I feel betrayed by the SNP and there’s no reconciliation.

It’s time to start looking to move South of the border before it’s too late.

Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario would be a vote for secession and the SNP in charge afterwards.

As the SNP have been feeding Scotland free this and free that, the population has become used to it.

The problem is that giving things out for free is expensive and with a deficit in tax revenue already what happens if Scotland secedes?

Will they raise taxes and risk losing more of their tax base or cut back on everything and risk losing their core support?

At the moment they have the rest of the UK pumping in money to keep their freebies on tap.

But that would all change if they lose the Barnett Formula and support from the millions of other tax payers in the Union.

A Glimmer Of Hope

And there it was.

Theresa May rebuffed Nicola Sturgeon and said no to an independence referendum during the Brexit negotiations.

It filled me with hope that the SNP won’t get away with hijacking my vote to remain in the EU to further their own agenda.

Yet I still feel on edge because the SNP still exist and they’re not going to go away any time soon.

It feels such a shame that they could be destroying the UK and with it Scotland on a fantastical whim.

In the long run, I fear our only way to escape Nicola Sturgeon and all her whinging is to move South of the border.

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