Blogging Survival: Is It Only The Fittest Who Make It?

A few weeks ago, I decided to throw in the towel with blogging.

Almost immediately though I missed it. I decided to move to Tumblr thinking the free route would ensure my blogging survival.

But I was wrong. I found the Tumblr interface awful to work with and the motivation to write was gone.

It was only when I got an email from Siteground that I considered resurrecting my WordPress site.

And I’ve learnt a few lessons from the whole experience.

Decide Why You’re Blogging

When I first started blogging, making money was the object.

I took a course which was supposed to help me set up a money making operation. The course was lacking in a lot of detail.

It was by one of those internet marketers who churn out perpetual products that aren’t worth the money. I had a very quick reality check.

I had some success with setting up WordPress sites purely for affiliate marketing purposes.

But quickly found I didn’t have enough time to devote to updating those sites.

One particular affiliate site of mine turned out to be quite troublesome too because the product owner wasn’t good at providing customer service.

So, queries started landing on my door. In the end I had to close the site down and move on.

After coming the long way round, I finally realised I just enjoy blogging and that’s why I’m doing it.

Decide Who You’re Blogging For

It might seem like a strange question but do you know who you’re blogging for?

Most people would probably answer, “for my readers”, and for a long time I thought the same thing.

But in reality I’ve come to realise that I’m I’m actually blogging for myself.

Being at home all day, blogging gives me a focus away from housework and looking after the family.

It helps get my thoughts out of my head and into the open.

Blogging has also become a way to meet lots of different people I may not have met otherwise.

Sure, I’m trying to help anyone who reads my stuff but I’m also writing it because I enjoy doing it.


Pick The Right Platform And Theme

If only to ensure your blogging survival, make sure you pick the right blogging platform and theme.

I started with a self-hosted WordPress blog and had that for a number of years.

After trying a few hosting services, I decided it would be more cost effective to start again on Tumblr.

That was a big mistake. It took me a few weeks to realise that I missed everything about WordPress.

My Tumblr posts didn’t rank at all on Google. In fact they weren’t even indexed.

As soon as I moved back to WordPress and the Genesis Framework my articles started ranking again.

So choose carefully when you’re looking at a blogging platform and theme.

It’s likely that you’ll get what you pay for and if that’s nothing then don’t expect too much.

Don’t Give Up When The Going Gets Tough

Blogging week in week out is hard.

I’ve seen so many people I got to know through blogging give up and move on.

I know circumstances are different for everyone and it’s inevitable that blogging won’t be the right thing for some people.

But it’s is still a great way to hone your writing skills, sell your products or build a community.

If it’s not working out for you, don’t give up.

Try a different angle in your writing or even take take drastic action like changing the subject matter of your blog entirely.

In order to achieve blogging survival, you really need to enjoy what you’re writing about.

If you don’t, you need to switch things or you’re not going to want to carry on.

Work Ahead Of Time

The one thing about blogging which can really stress you out is if you feel unprepared.

That usually happens if you’re scrabbling around looking for inspiration and you haven’t worked ahead of time.

Plan your posts ahead of time, schedule them for later and the stress immediately goes away.

It can be easier said and done. I’ve not worked ahead of time for this post and I’m feeling under pressure to get it published.

No-one is putting pressure on me to publish it but it still feels like there’s an expectation to publish on a set schedule.

Silly really because that’s one of the things that might hamper your blogging survival – putting pressure on yourself.

The answer is to get ahead with article ideas and try using an editorial calendar to see if that helps with organising yourself.

Publish Regularly But Don’t Stress About It

If you’re a magazine, a newspaper or a brand I acknowledge that you need to publish articles on a regular schedule.

But if you’re a lone blogger, I don’t think that’s true. Don’t kid yourself that people are going to be waiting on your every word.

People are fickle and even though you might have regular followers, most of the time they will pick and choose what articles they read of yours.

So long as you’re publishing regularly, I wouldn’t worry too much about keeping to a concrete schedule unless you feel you want to.

You’re your own boss after all and sometimes life gets in the way. I know that happens to me as a stay at home dad regularly.

Having said that, don’t leave it for weeks on end between publishing your articles otherwise people will forget you!

Do You Have Any Blogging Survival Tips?

If you had to come up with one essential tip to survive when it comes to blogging, what would it be?

Feel free to share more than one if you like!

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