Is Having A Birthday Party Every Year Affordable?

My son turned nine today.

This year we decided that we wouldn’t have a birthday party.

Last year we had one and invited all his school friends. We did the same with my daughter.

But having a party for him and his sister in the same year isn’t cheap.

That doesn’t mean we’re not going to celebrate him turning nine though.

There are a few other things we considered doing instead.

Soft Play

Weekends are full up most of the time but this weekend my wife’s not at work.

We still have swimming to go to on Sunday morning.

Other than that though we’re planning on doing something of my son’s choice.

And he decided he wanted to go to soft play because it’s an activity he can do with his sister.

After that we’ll go out for lunch.

Trip To The Cinema

We also considered a trip to the cinema.

At first I suggested to my wife we invite some of my son’s friends.

My son liked that idea but as we had already made the decision not to have a birthday party this year we ruled it out.

Something like a cinema trip with a small group of friends would be a good option for the future though.

He’s getting to the stage where he doesn’t want to ask his whole class.

So cinema and a pizza or a burger afterwards would be great.

Ten Pin Bowling

I haven’t been ten pin bowling for years.

My son went to a ten pin bowling party a few weeks ago.

He enjoyed it and we thought about doing that for his birthday.

Unless there’s a group of people though it’s not quite so captivating.

Like the cinema trip it’s an idea for another time.

I can’t imagine my wife being too enthusiastic about throwing a big ball down a lane to knock down some skittles.


My son has been on two sleepovers recently and we need to reciprocate.

Whilst that thought doesn’t fill me with too much dread, it’s also impractical at the moment.

We live in a three bedroom cottage and it only has three beds.

Until we get around to buying a put me up bed, there’s nowhere else to sleep.

Well, there’s the bath or the sofa but that wouldn’t be fair.

A sleepover is on the cards for next year’s birthday I’m sure!

A Visit To The Zoo

We’re members of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

And it means we try and take as many trips as we can to Edinburgh Zoo each year.

It’s the kind of thing that’s weather dependent and it’s cold at the moment.

Then over the weekend there’s rain forecast.

It’s not going to be the zoo this time but there’s always the next time.

We did go only a few weeks ago though so the kids have had their zoo fix for the moment.

Do You Have A Birthday Party Every Year For Your Kids?

It gets expensive with having a birthday party for two kids every year.

What do you do? Do you have one every other year? Or only on milestone years?

If you don’t have a party, what do you do instead?

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