Exercise On Its Own Can’t Easily Banish A Dad Bod

Over the years I’ve found myself struggling with being overweight.

I lost weight before I got married and then put it all back on over the course of time.

It’s not easy to banish a dad bod but I’ve been trying hard to do that since I became a stay at home dad.

I couldn’t do it initially because I looked after my daughter full time at home.

But since both my kids have now been through nursery and are at primary school, I’ve got more time to do it.

You’ve Got To Start Somewhere

At my heaviest, I managed to eat and drink myself to 16 stone.

A combination of lack of exercise, too much fatty food and visits to the pub all played their part.

I started out by using one of those apps to get you off the settee and try not to keel over after 30 seconds of running.

You alternate between walking and running with the aim being to run at least 5km without dying.

It got me started but it wasn’t until I bought myself a Fitbit Surge that I felt like I was getting more serious about getting fit.

I needed more than just me to motivate my ass to banish a dad bod and stop continuing as I had been.

Watching What You Eat

Along with the motivation of having a Fitbit on my arm 24-7, I completely bought into the Fitbit ecosystem.

I bought myself a Fitbit Aria to weigh myself every day and check out my body fat percentage.

I started recording everything I ate. It was a bit of a bind at first but when Fitbit released a UK food database it became much easier.

The number of calories I could eat were then determined every day by Fitbit based on the exercise I did.

It started doing the trick because within a matter of months, I had lost three stone and four inches off my waist.

Cut Down On The Alcohol

I’m not a big drinker at home. My nemesis was always the Friday lunch time beer or after work.

But after I gave up work, other than occasional nights out with friends I rarely drink alcohol these days.

One thing I’ve noticed about not drinking much any more is I’m less anxious although I do still worry about stuff.

It also means I don’t have to be too concerned about my beer belly growing any more.

Even cutting down on the alcohol hasn’t completely helped me banish a dad bod though.

Moving Onto Running

When I got bored of running 5km. I stepped it up a bit and decided it was time to run a bit further.

I signed myself up to Strava Premium and began using their training plans for 10k races.

I also ditched my Fitbit Surge in favour of a Garmin Forerunner 735XT.

Garmin Forerunners are designed more for runners than people who just want to get motivated to do 10,000 steps a day.

You can program it to follow training plans and I do that to make sure I’m staying at the right pace and running the right distance.

It’s actually a triathlete’s watch, although I can’t see myself ever doing a triathlon as I hate swimming!

Now I run three times a week, between 5 and 1o miles each time but it’s still not getting rid of the dad bod.

I also moved to tracking my food intake with MyFitnessPal instead of Fitbit.

It has a vast UK food database and it’s great that it integrates with my Garmin Forerunner.

Working Out Those Muscles

Since I moved onto Garmin from Fitbit, I got down to my goal weight of eleven and a half stone and lost a couple more inches off  my waist.

But it’s not enough. I don’t want to go to the gym because it’s too expensive and I lose focus after a while.

Yet I know that exercise on its own isn’t going to tone up my (almost) middle-aged spread.

So I decided to give Sworkit a go. It’s like having your own personal trainer but at the fraction of the cost.

You select the part of your body you want to work on, how long you’ve got to exercise in minutes and then it provides you with a workout.

All the exercises use your bodyweight rather than needing gym equipment so you exercise from the comfort of your own home.

It’s available for iPhone, Android and if you upgrade to premium it’s also available on the web.

It’s early days as I’m only into my second week of using it but I can feel muscle groups being used which haven’t had any exercise in decades!

I’m hoping with all the running, stretching and strength exercise I’m not doing I can banish my dad bod for good.

Do You Have Any Tips To Banish A Dad Bod?

I’ve managed to lose the weight but getting rid of the dad bod’s another thing.

Have you managed it and what tips do you have? Is it all about the gym or can you do it without?

If you’re struggling to tone up like me, what have you tried and what works and what doesn’t?

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