7 Affordable Hobbies For Stay At Home Dads

It’s important as a stay at home dad to have interests beyond your role in family life.

I think it helps to keep the mind healthy and gives you the sense of still being a person.

When I was looking for something to keep me occupied I looked for affordable hobbies.

Something that I could do relatively cheaply and that would fit in with my family commitments during the week.

Here’s some ideas I toyed with.


I’m not keen on sport but you can do many activities free so it’s an easy option.

I considered a gym membership but it didn’t fit in with my budget.

So the next best option for me was to go running.

I hunted out a pair of my old trainers from the cupboard, loaded a free running app onto my phone and got started.

If you’re not into running, then walking is a great option too, especially if you have a dog.

Getting out and about in the fresh air can do wonders for your mood and general wellbeing.

Some other sports to consider would be:

  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • Bowls
  • Football

Learn The Guitar

In my younger days, I was a keen musician.

Playing a musical instrument is a great stress reliever and can be great for relaxation too.

If you’re thinking of learning a musical instrument, a good place to start might be with the guitar.

You can pick one up relatively cheaply these days, along with a beginners guide and you’ll be up and running in no time.

The guitar is a really accessible instrument and not too difficult to learn.

They’re also relatively portable too so you can take one with you wherever you go.


Most people have a smartphone these days.

That means you have a camera in your pocket everywhere you go.

But rather than letting it languish in your pocket, get out for a walk and take some photos.

Instagram has become very popular on the back of mobile phone cameras and it can be a testing ground for your latest creations.

If you’re any good at it you might also be able to make some money selling images to stock photography sites.

Nowadays there are apps for Android and iOS where you can sell your images directly from your phone.


I find researching my family tree an interesting pastime.

You can get really absorbed in finding out where your ancestors lived and what they got up to in life.

Nowadays sites like Ancestry make research much easier with access available to many records online.

You might be able to connect with long lost relatives and find others also researching your own family tree.

Ancestry sometimes have free weekend access which would give you an understanding of how things work.

Otherwise, there’s various monthly subscription options depending on how much information you want to access.

Home Brew

Staying in is the new going out so why not make your own home brew?

It’s relatively inexpensive to get started with some basic equipment, a brewing kit and bottles.

If you consider the cost of buying in cans or bottles of beer, you’ll have made your money back in no time.

And you’ll have the added bonus of it being brewed by your own hands.

Going to the pub is great but it’s expensive.

With your own home brew, you don’t need to leave your own sitting room when you want a pint.

No need to drive either so it’s a win win.


I’m not an avid gardener but it can be quite relaxing being outdoors tidying up the garden.

I don’t even mind cutting the lawn every few weeks.

Even if you don’t have a garden you can do a spot of gardening with a window box.

And when you start to see the fruits of your labours you can open one of your home brew beers and sit back and enjoy!

We’ve grown sunflowers with the kids before and I’m contemplating growing some vegetables.

It would be good to get the kids involved so we can both learn how to do stuff together.

Learn A Foreign Language

I learnt French and German at school but never really bothered too much about keeping them going after I left.

You’re maybe the same?

There are a number of mobile apps now that make the whole process so much easier.

And they make learning a new language kind of fun too.

If you go on holiday in Europe, why not brush up on a language before you go and surprise the locals.

I always regret when I’m in Europe and everyone can speak pretty good English but I can barely speak two words of their language.

Which affordable hobbies do you have as a stay at home dad?

Are there any you can add to the list?

What do you do in your spare time?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

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