9 Reasons Why I Absolutely Won’t Follow You On Twitter

I use Twitter more than any other social media network and when someone follows me I check them out.

I want to know that we’re compatible in some way and if you’ve followed me I’m sure you’ve done the same thing.

But of course there are a number of reasons why I might not follow you on Twitter.

I Won’t Won’t Follow You On Twitter If…

You Don’t Have A Profile Picture

Anyone who doesn’t have a profile picture probably has something to hide.

If you can’t be bothered to load an image of yourself onto your Twitter profile, we’re not going to connect.

Similarly, unless you’re a business, why not use your actual face rather than something completely unrelated?

From my experience, you’re more likely going to be a troll if you don’t.

Everything’s About Religion Or Politics

One thing that really puts me off connecting with someone is if they talk about religion in their Twitter bio.

If that reflects what I can expect on your Twitter feed then we’re not going to get on.

I’m okay with a certain amount of political stuff because I occasionally Tweet about that myself.

But if every second Tweet is about politics then I might find that overpowering enough to unfollow.

It’s All About The Sale

If I get the impression that all you want to do is to sell me something I won’t follow you on Twitter.

I’m sure you’ve come across people whose bio is just about increasing your Twitter following.

Then there’s the MLMers. I don’t know why but I seem to attract them.

Just in case any Multi-level marketers are reading, I definitely won’t follow you on Twitter.

You Use #TeamFollowBack

Why on earth would you follow someone without knowing what they talk about on Twitter?

Some of the people I’ve encountered who have #teamfollowback in their bios are a little over zealous with their requirement to follow back.

I’m sure it’s a way to build your followers fast but you’re going to end up with an unintelligible Twitter feed.

So if you’re part of #teamfollowback, I appreciate you took the time to engage with me but respectfully I’m unlikely to follow you back.

You Follow, I Follow Back And Then You Almost Immediately Unfollow

You follow me, I follow you back and then you unfollow? What’s that about?

I come across this phenomenon quite a bit.

When I investigate further, often the person has unfollowed everyone.

I still haven’t figured out why someone would do that. Any ideas?

Do they think people wouldn’t notice?

Your Bio Is Empty

When I land on someone’s bio and it’s empty, I feel like they can’t be bothered so why should I.

I don’t have reams of information on my bio but it’s enough to tell a prospective follower what I’m all about.

If yours is empty I’m more inclined to think you’re a bot or a troll.

It’s a chance for you to win me over and to get me to interact with you.

Don’t waste it!

You Auto DM Is Spammy

One thing I really dislike is Auto DMs. In fact, I ignore them.

Because for the most part they are incredibly spammy and annoying.

I don’t want a free eBook or necessarily to connect with you on another social media network.

If I’ve followed you on Twitter, that should be enough until we get to know each other.

You Overuse Hashtags

Hashtags can be useful but if your profile and tweets are overpowered by them then we’re not going to get along.

One or two hashtags are fine but any more than that and your Tweets become incoherent and spammy.

As per this post from Buffer, engagement can drop when you use more than two hashtags.

It also uses up valuable real estate because of the character limit on Twitter.

It’s A Matter Of Trust

So I’ve checked you out and I decided to follow you on Twitter.

But then it all turns sour straight away when you put an obstacle in my way.

If you use a service like TrueTwit to validate your followers I’m unlikely to bother verifying myself.

Surely you trust that I’m real when you followed me so why make me complete a captcha to follow you back?

What Do You Think?

Are there any reasons you won’t follow someone back on Twitter?

Do any of my reasons not to follow people back come as a surprise?

Is TrueTwit something you use? Does it work for you and why?

Please let me know in the comments section below!

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