6 Reasons You Need To Stop Stressing About Being Consistent

In some ways being consistent can be a good trait to have but in others it can be a stumbling block, don’t you think?

If you’re trying to get fit or give up smoking then consistency is definitely something you need but do you really need consistency in blogging?

I hear that banded about a lot. You need to have a consistent publishing schedule, you need to write consistently great content and so on.

Many people by their very nature are incredibly inconsistent and putting a label like being “consistent” on them can stifle creativity and cause stress.

Over the past few months I’ve embraced inconsistency and it’s helped take a great weight off my shoulders.

Don’t shoot me down yet though! Here are six reasons why being inconsistent can be a good thing and may help you too.

Surprise People

The trouble with being consistent is that you always do the same things.

There’s no element of surprise and you can become predictable.

I don’t mean that you have to be completely wacky and do something extreme to get noticed.

It’s more about doing something different like doing a video post or a Slideshare if you haven’t done them for a while.

Post on a different days to what you normally do, or do an extra post sometimes.

Change Can Be A Good Thing


There is nothing constant in this world but inconsistency.

Jonathan Swift

If I’d never given up work to be a stay at home dad, I’d never have started a blog.

I would have stayed in the pensions world and found myself doing the same thing in another 20 or 30 years.

I hate change at the best of times but following the same path consistently may not always be in your best interests.

I worked long hours, saw my kids less than I wanted, didn’t get much time off and I’d started to stress about all of those things.

OK, so my circumstances are different to yours but if you seriously think you’re in a rut, change something in your life.

Be Reliable

Rather than being consistent, I think being reliable is a better thing to strive for.

If you’re consistent, you’ll do the same things over and over whether they’re the right things or not.

Being reliable on the other hand means that you consistently produce good quality work and can be trusted.

Reliability doesn’t mean that you have to stick rigidly to a posting schedule.

You just have to make sure that when you do publish something it has to be the best you can make it.

Don’t Follow Something For The Sake Of It


Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Oscar Wilde

It’s always great to learn new things and there are tonnes of online courses that you can take.

Just be careful you’re not jumping on the bandwagon though. Internet Marketing products in particular get a lot of hype.

When you do decide on a course, you need to follow what it teaches you to see if it works for you.

However, what I would say is that not everything works for everyone.

So don’t follow something religiously if it’s not working because it’s just a waste of your time!

Question What You Do

If you’ve followed the same path for some time with little success then you should ask yourself whether it’s the right path.

I did that a while ago after I had moved this blog to Tumblr and decided it was the wrong move.

Sometimes you have to step back and take a good look at whether you’re doing the right things.

There’s no point in following the same way you do things if it’s not getting you to be where you want to be.

Don’t Be Predictable


Once you become predictable, no one’s interested anymore.

Chet Atkins

If people know what you’re thinking before you’ve written a single word then it’s time to change what you do.

Being predictable isn’t conducive to keeping your readers’ attention or for them to keep coming back for more.

Predictable can become boring and if you’re always writing about the same thing, try telling a story or doing something you don’t normally do.

This goes hand in hand with surprising people. Make them curious to know what you’re going to do next!

What Do You Think About Being Consistent?

Do you think it’s a good thing? What about being inconsistent?

Are there any other reasons you can think of to avoid being consistent?

Do you work to a consistent publishing schedule for your blog posts? Do you think that’s a good or a bad idea?

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