4 Things I Dislike About Running

I’ve managed to rack up almost 1,000 miles this year running around the countryside.

It gets me out of the house and helps me maintain a better lifestyle.

I enjoy it most of the time but sometimes I have had some awkward moments too.

I never thought running would be so hazardous when I first started.

So far I’ve not had any injuries but that’s only through luck.

Here are some of the things I really dislike about running.

Dog Walkers

I love dogs but I don’t like dog walkers.

When you’re running, dogs and their owners are unpredictable.

Sometimes the dog comes straight at you or the owner has it on a long lead and you’re likely to get tangled up.

Then there’s those paid dog walkers who seem to have anything up to 10 dogs each.

Usually they’re not under control because there’s too many of them to be on a lead.

Wherever I run, there always seems to be a dog off a lead that wants to run after me.

And of course dogs leave lots of hazardous presents just waiting for me to tread in.

Or the dog walker bags it up and throws it into the nearest tree. Nice!

That has to be one of the things I most dislike about running.

Dog Walkers

Children On Bikes

I usually go running first thing in the morning after dropping the kids off at school.

During the holidays I tend to go later although I’ve learnt to my cost that’s not always wise.

A couple of days ago I ran to a nearby town and back.

Much of the run is along a walking trail and follows the coast but I decided I’d come back via the road.

Halfway along the road, a group of 10 kids came up behind me on the pavement on their bikes.

The first one rang his bell and I moved over. Two of them passed and the second one slammed his brakes on.

I was close to falling over and I surprised myself at the expletives that came out of the my mouth!

Another of the gang decided to do something similar on his way passed me.

Needless to say after more expletives, I decided I’d return to my original path back home.

Elderly Ramblers

Sometimes I encounter groups of elderly ramblers on my running travels.

Just like the animals entering the ark two by two, these ramblers walk in twos and take up a large part of the pavement.

Once when I ran along the coast, there were two cyclists in front of me.

They encountered an elderly group ahead of me but the ramblers didn’t get out of the way.

Like a rabbit in headlights they froze and it meant one of the cyclists came off her bike.

When I caught up with the ramblers they did the same to me.

They just stood there and looked at me so I had to jump into the ditch to get around them.

Why on earth they couldn’t have moved over a little I don’t know?



I hate seagulls. They’re everywhere you go these days, scavenging for food.

I particularly dislike them through the mating season.

They tend to build nests on the tall buildings around where I live.

And every time I go running, they try to dive bomb me.

I’m sure it’s something everyone will dislike about running!

If I’m particularly unlucky they will aim projectiles from their hind quarters at me.

Then it’s a case of dodging as much as you can so you’re not covered in it.

It’s not like I’m going to climb up to the roof and steal the seagull’s prized possessions.

What Do You Dislike About Running?

There’s got to be things that annoy you when you’re out running.

Let’s compare notes in the comments section!

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