3 Apps I Regularly Use As A Stay At Home Dad

As much as I don’t like to think I’d be stuck without my mobile phone, there are so many ways I’ve come to rely on it.

There are several apps I use as a stay at home dad and three in particular make my life so much easier.

They help to keep my finances on track, let me know when it’s going to rain and help me find the cheapest place to do my grocery shopping.

All essential considerations when you’re the one looking after things at home.


You Need A Budget or YNAB for short is an envelope budgeting system based on four rules.

It helps you to keep on top of your finances by giving you the tools to:

  • get out of debt;
  • understand how your money can work for you better;
  • live within your means;
  • help you work towards your financial priorities;
  • be flexible with your money when you need to be.

I track every single pound and penny we spend using YNAB.

It’s really handy to be able to check on my phone whether I’ve got enough cash put by to buy something when I’m out and about.

YNAB has an app for Android and Apple phones and it updates in real time.

So if someone else in your family’s also out and about, when they update YNAB on their phone you’ll know so you don’t overspend.

Dark Sky

There was a big hoo-ha when Dark Sky came to Android after being a hit on the iPhone.

Mainly because there’s a different charging structure for Android and iPhone.

I’d tried several other weather apps on Android and they didn’t do quite what I wanted them to or weren’t accurate enough.

So I decided to give Dark Sky a go anyway because it’s supposed to give you hyperlocal, up to the minute forecasting.

What I was most interested in was the rain forecasting and alerts functionality.

When you’ve done the laundry and hung out the washing, it’s a real pain in the ass if it then starts to rain.

But more often than not, Dark Sky has come to my rescue by alerting me to the impending rain situation with at least 15 minutes to spare.

That gives me time to get the washing in before it gets wet. You can’t ask for much more than that from a weather app!


I usually do my weekly grocery shop at Tesco but it’s all too easy to walk around the shop and put stuff in the trolley I don’t really need.

I go there because it’s the nearest supermarket to where we live and I always assumed it would be competitive.

So I decided I’d check things out on mySuperMarket to see if that’s the case.

It’s a comparison site for your weekly grocery shop and allows you to find out if the contents of your shopping basket at an alternative supermarket is cheaper.

It was surprising how much I could save each week just by switching to a competitor.

I switched my shop to Asda and saved over £10 and subsequently Asda has been the cheapest option ever since.

I’d not really used a supermarket delivery service before but so far so good.

They sometimes substitute items but generally I’ve not had any issues with the alternatives they’ve given me.

It saves me on petrol too and the delivery charge is good value so it’s a win win.

Which Apps Have You Come To Rely On?

Are there any apps that you can’t live without?

Which ones would you recommend and why?

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